September Clean Eats Sweeps: Week 3

Ok, so how did week 3 go? Well, pretty good since I lost two pounds. Down to 133 pounds now, yipee! As this challenge moves forward, I notice that I’m actually feeling a little more competitive and am more interested in the actual weight loss part of this than I was to begin with. I’ve found that tracking my food intake in the MyFitnessPal app has been really enlightening – when I was doing it. I have lost traction on that because I didn’t make time for it for a couple of days, then I never went back to doing it. I’m going to start again today and do it for the next 5 days to finish off the challenge. It is super helpful for education around how many calories are in the foods I’ve been eating. I always read labels so I have a good understanding of the nutritional value of packaged foods but had little understanding of how many calories are in 2 cups of mixed greens or a banana for example. I was very excited to find out that there are only 20 calories in the greens portion of my daily salad and about 105 calories in a medium banana. I always eat fairly healthy, but I often eat too much for weight loss. I must eat just enough for weight maintenance because I haven’t gained weight in years now and I can manage that without tracking my intake.


1/4 Cup of Almonds & Cashews

The other thing the app is helpful with is giving me an idea of how much carbs, fat, protein, sodium and sugar I’ve consumed. Last year my naturopath encouraged me to snack on nuts and seeds instead of gluten free crackers as the protein would help keep me feeling fuller longer, and nuts aren’t packed with all the other garbage that crackers have in them. I love raw cashews & almonds now but because of this app, realized that I was consuming two servings instead of one. Because of the nuts and the avocado I often throw in my smoothie, my fat daily fat intake was skyrocketing. There can always be too much of a good thing I guess. I’ve limited my nut intake to 1/4 cup in total instead of a 1/2 cup and all seems to be good.

Another highlight from week 3 is that I went camping at a small music festival/equinox gathering and didn’t have a single alcoholic beverage! That is a first for me in my adult life! I really just felt the booze wasn’t worth the extra calories and I wanted to really challenge myself. Food was provided all weekend, and it was all mostly organic and very healthy so I didn’t even really have temptations to eat junk. I wish camping was always that easy for food!

Well, onto the homestretch now. I’m excited to see how I fare come September 30.

September Clean Eats Sweeps: Week 2

Week 2 was an interesting challenge for clean eating because I was planning on spending the weekend at the cabin. My habits are pretty healthy during the week when I’m on my regular schedule. The issue is that not being on my regular schedule requires a lot of pre planning.

I had a work meeting on Monday night where dinner was provided. As my gluten, lactose & onion free option I was given a sandwich with deli meat on a gluten free bun. Not very clean, but my only option given I hadn’t planned ahead. Sometimes food allergies are so much work, it’s annoying to have to think about pre planning meals beyond that. I knew a weekend at the cabin would be a challenge, not only in terms of food but also for alcohol consumption. A typical weekend at the cabin includes chips, hot dogs, cookies or chocolate and lots of wine. That certainly would not be acceptable this trip! I’m quite proud of myself for bringing ground chicken lettuce wraps, hummus & veggies, fruit and seaweed snacks for my meals. My big treat was cashew butter and banana’s. One of my favourite healthy snacks. Mostly though, I’m proud of not bringing any booze! I did have two of my husbands ciders and a mango margarita on Saturday, but that was it for the whole weekend. I allowed myself those drinks partly because I was getting a bit cranky from the lack of sugar I was consuming and partly because it was my last visit to the cabin this summer and the weather was beautiful. and I don’t need to completely punish myself. I spent some time hooping, playing badminton, throwing a football around and walking dogs so that must have done something to combat the extra calories too.

I think that the hardest part of clean eating is the planning. It’s so much easier to make pre-packaged food or grab fast food but I know I feel so much better when I eat clean. Even though I haven’t been 100% clean so far, I’m happy with where I am because September has been busy so far and I’m not in the position to devote all of my time preparing food. I’m doing what I can and still living my life too, and I’m OK with that. I’m  back at 135 pounds, so down a half pound since last week and that is also OK. These next two weeks, I am really going to challenge myself – no alcohol at all and if I do have a meeting where non-clean food will be served, I will make a better effort to bring my own food.