Pop Up Prop Jams

I have this notion, that doing the same thing over and over again might always give you the same result. As prop spinners, we want to develop patterns to find flow, but we also want to embody creativity and spontaneity too.

Spinning in the same location could lock us in our patterns, but I have this crazy idea that interacting with props in new locations might encourage spontaneous creation and propel us forward to a new level of spinning with our favourite prop!

Enter, Pop Up Prop Jams! These jams will pop up all over Edmonton this summer as long as the weather is nice. We’ll spin at a new location each time to keep things fresh.

Stay connected to this page to find out about the next jam popping up near you.

Pop Up Prop Jam #001 – Dawson Park, May 21, 2014
Pop Up Prop Jam #002 – Henrietta Muir Edwards / Rafters Landing, July 22, 2014
Pop Up Prop Jam #003 – World Hoop Day, Louise McKinney Park, October 4, 2014

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