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I’m Nicole and I am passionate about hoop dance and healthy living and I love sharing my passions with you. Check back often for inspiration, motivation and tips to create your very own radiant life!

The Hooper
I have been hooping since 2008 and have been teaching since 2010. I am an AFLCA Certified Fitness Leader with a Group Exercise designation and Ever Active Kids certification. I am based in Edmonton, AB and teach hoop dance classes to kids aged 5 – 95! I am available for private lessons, workshops and classes. Whether you’re looking to exercise, to dance or to meditate; hoop dance has it all. Most importantly it is a lot of fun!

The Healer
Another passion of mine is learning about different healing modalities. This interest led me to pursue my Reiki Level III Master Practitioner certification in 2013. I love being able to use Reiki and other energy medicine healing techniques to bring relaxation and vitality to my patients.

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