This is what flow feels like

I am grateful for the snowy, rush hour traffic, that made me late for yoga. When I called to let the studio know I’d be late, they told me they don’t allow late arrivals but perhaps I could do some errands and catch the next class and hour and a half later. I told them that I couldn’t do that but realized that my other option was turning around to go home and fight traffic going the other way.

I am grateful that I decided to to wait it out and go to the later class because I was able to get a little more Christmas shopping done.

I am grateful that when I arrived to the yoga studio, the person checking me in suggested that I ended up in this restorative class for a reason, even though I thought I needed a yang, intense class.

I’m grateful for the anger that arose in class, because I was still upset about missing the class I originally wanted to go to, and that my schedule was all messed up and that I wouldn’t be able to do the things I wanted to do later on in the evening.

I am grateful for the yoga instructor who said just what I needed to hear when I inquired if restorative classes can bring up anger. She reminded me that we often distract ourselves by doing to avoid pain and discomfort and that when we’re forced to be still, uncomfortable feelings come up. I’m grateful that she reminded me that this was an opportunity to explore the anger and learn what was beneath it by being with it.

I am grateful for being offered the last cup of balancing auyervedic tea on my way out of the yoga studio, for the time I had after class to enjoy the tea and journal about my experience and for the Cowabunga Life Vision Quest I’m currently doing because just yesterday I learned some tips on how to sit with uncomfortable feelings.

I’m also grateful that the Cowabunga Life Vision Quest has reminded me to breathe. As I was journaling, and filing my body with deep breaths, I smiled to myself because I realized I was breathing in gratitude both figuratively and literally. In addition to grateful thoughts, I  was actually breathing in Saje‘s “Gratitude” diffuser blend because that happened to be the only blend in my car when I plugged the diffuser in a few days earlier. I find it even more interesting because I hadn’t used the diffuser in months!

This whole experience reminded me how important it is to go with the flow and to trust that things work out as they should. My intention leading up to the solstice is to give myself the time and space to go deep within so I can restore myself and get clear on what I want to create in 2014. This past week, I was very busy and slipped back into my pattern of doing and tonight, I was reminded to take it easy and the importance of being with what is.

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