September Clean Eats Sweeps: Week 4

The clean eating challenge I took part in over the month of September has ended and I feel much better than I did on September 1. I lost three pounds overall and one inch!

I’m quite happy with those results since I wasn’t incredibly strict with myself and didn’t eat 100% clean. I had gluten free bread a couple of times, still topped my salad with goat cheese and nibbled on swiss cheese too. Cutting out alcohol made the biggest difference for me. I eat pretty well most of the time, but those empty calories in booze really add up.

I think abstaining from alcohol in the last two weeks and exercising in the last week of the challenge helped melt away those last couple of pounds.

Even though I’m a certified fitness instructor, I don’t really enjoy exercise in the traditional sense. Burpies and push ups and lunges are not my favourite thing to do but an opportunity came up to try out a free bootcamp class with the other ladies competing in the challenge. I decided to go for it, even though I was scared.

I have a decent fitness level from hooping, but bootcamp is always humbling for me. As soon as I got there, we asked the teacher if she would go easy on us. She basically replied no, as this was the last class of the series. Oh shit.

I somehow survived class though, pushing myself through countless lunges, squats, presses and sprints knowing that my body could do everything it was my mind I had to convince. I was slower than everyone else but still managed to get everything done. My legs nearly collapsed at the end of the class, but I did it!

I didn’t hurt the next day, but two days after I could barely walk or sit. I tried to keep moving so I didn’t get too tight but didn’t have a whole lotta luck.

I decided to go to a hot yoga class led by my favourite instructor on the third day after bootcamp because I felt like I could move with a little less pain again. I love this particular teacher’s classes because they are fun and challenging with the perfect amount of yogic philosophy.

We always do crazy advanced poses that I try to get through and in this class we happened to be working on opening our hips which was great since my quads and hamstrings were so tight from bootcamp still. I felt great after and when I weighed myself the next morning I was down to 132 pounds. I think hot yoga helped me burn some fat and let me sweat out some excess water weight.

The challenge is done but eating clean just seems like a habit now that I’ll continue. It took me all of my 20’s to get here, but I want to continue honouring my body and take care of it as best I can. My 30th birthday is now under two weeks away and I can safely say that when I wake up on October 18, I will feel pretty awesome!

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