Rosehip Hoop Dance – 5 Years in the Hoop

My 5 year hoopiversary came and went this past June, celebrated at Spin Out Festival, which was amazingly awesome! I wanted to post a video to commemorate the special occasion, but felt like I needed a bit longer to integrate all the awesome things that I’ve learned over the past few months.

Since March of this year I’ve been so fortunate to take classes and workshops from hooping superstars like Baxter, Babz Robinson, Tammy FireFly, Rainbow Michael, Malcolm Stuart and Tiana Zoumer plus from awesome local talent too – Nina Infinity, Carla Snow and Megan Hickerty. It has been great to learn so much from so many amazing hoopers!

For the longest time I didn’t want to watch video’s because I wanted to be authentic and didn’t want to copy other people but realized by doing that I was actually doing myself a disservice as I had been missing a whole component of my practice – inspiration. Each of those hoop ninja’s has taken the same prop and done something distinctly unique with it to make it their own and to me that is incredibly inspiring. Additionally inspiring, is that I would consider these people not just hoopers, but artists. In my eyes, I see them as dedicating their lives to the art, which is something I’ve started to try and do more of by giving myself time for exploration, and in return the hoop just seems to flow around me with more ease and grace. The concepts I’ve learned have led to a deepening of my self expression. I don’t feel as though I’ve experienced that to this degree until very recently in my practice and am so grateful that after 5 years, I can still have new experiences inside this plastic circle.

If you’re interested to see what this all means to me, I invite you to take a few minutes to watch my latest offering of exploration and self expression.

❤ Nicole

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